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EMS is the introduction of a low voltage electrical current to the body via a specially designed suit.  
During traditional strength training the brain sends impulses which stimulate certain muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain and these muscles are not activated as easily and therefore they will not develop so well. 
EMS Training stimulates all the major muscle groups and also helps to develop the motoric nerve connections relating to muscle movement. By sending electric impulses directly to these motoric nerves, even the weakly connected muscles are activated. 
Because muscle fibers are activated in a non-regular order with EMS Training, a more intense level of training is enabled from the start, which creates more muscle fibre at an accelerated rate. More active muscle tissue requires more energy intake which therefore burns more calories, even at rest! 

So who would benefit from EMS training? The answer is pretty much anyone. 

Sportsmen and women? 

Absolutely. EMS is a smart way to train and we can develop an entire training programme aimed at helping you to achieve your goals whether that be for speed, stamina, strength or a combination of these things. 

Recovering from injury? 

EMS speeds up the rehabilitation process helping you get back to peak fitness quicker than you could have expected. EMS is great because it doesn't put any strain on your joints or tendons. 

Gym goers (or should we say gym members)? 

Lots of people are gym members but rarely have the time to get to the gym to make a difference. Just 2 x 20 minute EMS sessions per week is the equivalent of 3 hours in the gym. No more wasted gym memberships. EMS is ideal for anyone who wants to look and feel better. 

Ongoing conditions 

Studies which have already been undertaken have shown significant improvements in conditions such as back pain, cellulite and bad posture. 
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