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You may not have heard of Electro Muscle Stimulation Training (EMS for short) but it is fast becoming THE way to train and rehabilitate from injury. EMS brings fast, sustainable results in a fraction of the time you could expect from regular training sessions in the gym alone. Furthermore, it is effective whatever your current levels of fitness. 
Here at Evolve Conditioning we have gone one step further as we will bring EMS training to you at home, at your place of work or wherever is convenient for you. So no more trips to the gym, that is if you even manage to get there bearing in mind the time pressures that everyone is under these days. 
If you want to give EMS training a try in your own home simply click here to book a taster session
Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you. 
Rhys at Evolve Conditioning - Because exercising has evolved 
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On 9th October 2018 at 09:58, Donna Searl wrote:
This is incredible, i'm looking forward to finding out more! I am a Level2 and soon to be level 3 personal trainer.


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